We Care Manatee Remains Committed to Serving the Community Amidst Changes in Health Care

Manatee, FL – May 22, 2024 – We Care Manatee, a vital contributor to the community in Manatee County since 1999, reaffirms its unwavering dedication to serving the residents of Manatee County despite recent changes in the Manatee County Health Care Plan (“Good County”).

The Board of Directors of We Care Manatee issued a statement today, expressing their gratitude for the community’s support and solidarity throughout the organization’s journey of service. The statement acknowledges the recent changes in the Manatee County Good County program and the impact these changes have had on some of We Care Manatee’s clients.

“While these changes present challenges, our commitment to the well-being of our community remains steadfast,” said the Board of Directors. “We understand the importance of access to healthcare and support services, especially for those who may be vulnerable or facing difficult circumstances.”

We Care Manatee is actively addressing the challenges posed by the changes in the Good County program. Internally, the organization is focusing on optimizing resources and streamlining processes to better serve the community. Additionally, We Care Manatee is collaborating with external partners to explore alternative avenues for accessing healthcare and support services.

“We want to assure you that We Care Manatee remains dedicated to our mission of providing quality healthcare and support to all residents of Manatee County, regardless of their circumstances,” stated the Board of Directors. “Our commitment to serving those in need is unwavering, and we are grateful for your ongoing support as we navigate these changes together.”

The organization extends its gratitude to the community for their continued trust and support as We Care Manatee continues to uphold its mission of compassion and dedication to the well-being of all residents of Manatee County.

For more information about We Care Manatee and its services, please visit www.wecaremanatee.org.

About We Care Manatee:
We Care Manatee has been an integral part of the Manatee community since 1999, dedicated to serving those in need with compassion and dedication. The organization provides vital healthcare and support services to residents of Manatee County, ensuring that everyone has access to the care they need, regardless of their circumstances.

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