If you are looking for a way to serve this community, the We Care Manatee program is precisely tailored to fit your needs. You simply set the parameters of your participation, and we find patients you can help based on the guidelines you provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a provider?

The process is easy. We Care Manatee will provide you with a one-page application form that allows you to become an individual provider and/or include your practice in the Sovereign Immunity protection.

Once the application is accepted, a 5-year contract will be issued and provided for your signature.  The Florida Health Department representative will then sign the contract. The fully executed contract will be provided to your office.

If I become a provider, what does that mean?

It only means that you are willing to consider accepting a We Care Manatee Referral for care.  You are never obligated to accept a referral.  We Care Manatee reviews each referral and collects the necessary information from the referring physician – including any labs, imaging, or other test results that you require.  The patient must provide documentation of income and residency to We Care Manatee before they are referred to your office.

If you accept the referral, you agree to see the patient in your office free of charge for a consult or treatment.  Once the episode of care is completed, you release the patient back to the referring primary care office, by providing office notes to the fax number we will provide for you.  You are not obligated to keep the patient on your panel. The Primary Care office can refer the patient again if a condition is exacerbated or if there is a need for further follow-up.

What if I know a patient in need? How do I make a referral?

Any provider can make a referral to We Care Manatee either for services provided within their own office or to another specialist.  The We Care Manatee Patient Referral Form should be faxed to 941-870-8503.

What if a patient needs more care than I can provide in my office?

We Care Manatee Case Management staff can also assist with finding other available resources for patients.  Our staff often helps patients become eligible for the Manatee County Indigent Patient Assistant Program (Good County) to assist with hospital or testing that can be completed at Manatee Memorial Hospital.

Benefits of Being a Provider:

We Care Manatee partnerships with the Volunteer Health Care Provider Program (VHCPP) which gives physicians offering free health care Sovereign Immunity while providing such care.

Providers can also have license fees and a portion of CME requirements waives for your volunteer service.

When you become a We Care Manatee Physician

You set the parameters of how many patients you are available to see. Once the episode of care is completed, the patient is released back to their primary care physician or clinic.

Patients are pre-qualified by We Care Manatee staff and referred to your office with medical records you require to provide care.

We Care Manatee helps patients with transportation to assure that they can get to the medical appointment

We Care Manatee, provides coverage for certain medications you prescribe, to ensure that the patient can complete the plan of care.

We Care Manatee works with other community programs to help patients get access to testing, treatment and medical equipment when available

Volunteer without the hassle

We Care Manatee partner physicians participate in the Volunteer Health Care Provider Program (VHCPP).  In partnership with State of Florida Department of Health, providers who offer free, quality health care services to under-served populations of the state are provided Sovereign Immunity while providing such care.  Providers can also have license fees and a portion of CME requirements waived for volunteer service.

We Care Manatee staff screens referrals received from primary care clinics, collects necessary medical records, and verifies that patients meet eligibility criteria set down by the state.  Our work eliminates the red tape and hassle that is often associated with donated care. The result is a proven, effective program that enables you to give back to the community on your own terms.

Our volunteer physicians and clinicians are doing some amazing things. Many of our physicians tell us their participation with We Care Manatee is a gratifying way to give back to the community and satisfy their desire to care for the sick and injured. Please consider joining our team of dedicated physicians by seeing one or more patients this year through the We Care Manatee program. To become a We Care Manatee physician volunteer provider or to learn more about the program, please contact our office at 941-755-3952 extension 5002.

To become a We Care Manatee physician volunteer or to learn more about the program, please contact our office at 941-755-3952 extension 5002.

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