If you are being treated by a We Care Manatee volunteer physician, you may be eligible for free prescription medication.

You may be able to obtain a prescription voucher for up to a 30 day supply for prescription medication at no cost or a pharmacy discount card to assist in the payment of certain medications. Not all prescriptions will be covered and availability will be reviewed on a month-to-month basis. This allows your physician to be more effective on your behalf.

We do not prescribe birth control, antipsychotics, or controlled substance medication. We do not operate a pharmacy and we do not dispense drugs.


  • Mike
    - We Care Manatee Patient

    “This program was a blessing for me and my family. Without We Care Manatee, I don’t know what I would have done. It was a lifesaver.”

  • June
    - We Care Manatee Patient

    “It was a blessing at the most important time in my health history.”

  • Kelly
    - We Care Manatee Patient

    “No one else would help me and before all of these medical problems I worked all my life… I hope and pray that you are able to continue to help people like me.”

  • Sherrill
    - We Care Manatee Patient

    “Everyone is so caring and helpful. I felt I had a higher level of care even as compared to private insurance care.”