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I’m still here!

July 23, 2019

Because she was uninsured, Donna Wildman waited seven months to seek treatment after a diagnostic mammogram revealed a lump in her right breast. 

“I thought it was nothing, and I didn’t have insurance,” she said. 

Her doctor’s nurse referred her to We Care Manatee. A biopsy in January 2018 revealed she had Stage 1 breast cancer. Through We Care Manatee she was able to see specialists, including Oncologists—who removed the lump and provided chemotherapy and radiation.

“We Care Manatee has been a Godsend, for sure. Just the shots needed to build up my white blood cells cost $24,000. That’s just the shots and doesn’t include chemo, radiation or the lumpectomy,” Wildman said. “Without We Care Manatee, I might be dead by now.”

Recently, she learned that the cancer has returned and is now Stage 4 Metastatic Breast cancer. 

“I’m not worried,” she says. “I have faith and I believe in Dr. Fitch, my Oncologist. He’s wonderful, so caring. Everybody here has been awesome, caring and attentive. It’s been an excellent experience. And I’m still here!”