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Big State, Low Wages, and Lots of Uninsured. Welcome to Florida

June 7, 2018

 “What is the biggest single challenge our leaders must confront to secure a better future for Florida?”That was the initial question presented to a panel of 50 influential Floridians by the Miami Herald, el Nuevo Herald and Bradenton Herald to drive a discussion on the important issues facing the Sunshine State. We Care Manatee Executive Director Victoria Kasdan, RN, MPH, is among those 50 “Influencers” who will continue to weigh in through the November elections.

Florida is the third most populated state in the United States and the second largest state that did not expand Medicaid. Unfortunately, this has not served its residents well since, Florida also has one of the lowest minimum wage rates and one of the highest uninsured population in the country (19 percent). More than 3.6 million Florida residents are without health insurance.

Kasdan said, “Let’s make affordable health care a priority in Florida and stop being the worst state in the nation.”


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