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About We Care Manatee

We Care Manatee serves Manatee County residents through timely health care services, education, and community outreach. Each day, our providers, volunteers, and staff live our mission to facilitate free medical care to low-income, uninsured residents of Manatee County.

We Care Manatee provides a cost effective, private sector solution to our community’s uninsured healthcare needs by connecting eligible, uninsured patients with volunteer physicians willing to treat them. We do this by providing care through our primary care clinic, breast cancer screening and diagnostic services, or referrals to specialty physicians who volunteer their time and donate free medical services.

We offer four care programs that work together to help our patients receive the critical treatment they need to keep them healthy and out of local emergency rooms.


We Care Manatee was founded by the Manatee County Medical Society in 1999 to address the increasing need of uninsured residents to be seen and treated by a medical specialist. In 2001, We Care Manatee began coordinating care between local physicians who were willing to see uninsured patients in their offices free of charge. In 2002 we incorporated. In the years since then, We Care Manatee physicians have provided nearly $6 million in donated care to patients who would otherwise go without.


Our volunteer physicians and clinicians are doing some amazing things to serve the medical needs of low income, uninsured residents of Manatee County through We Care Manatee. We are grateful for their energy and commitment.

Many of our physicians tell us their participation with We Care Manatee is a gratifying way to give back to the community and satisfy their desire to care for the sick and injured.


Anyone who has volunteered knows that to give is to receive. Here’s what some of our physicians have to say about their We Care Manatee experience.

“There are many altruistic charitable organizations in Manatee County that I have been proud to participate in. We Care Manatee is unique because it delivers medical care that can only be provided by doctors, with needs that cannot be met by attorneys, accountants and small businessmen. We Care Manatee requires the skills of physicians who are committed to the same compassionate goals and principles that motivated them to become doctors. Through my participation in We Care Manatee, I have been able to get back in touch with the altruistic feelings I had as a young man pursuing a career in medicine. In the process of reaching out to help others, I have been able to express my gratitude for all that I have been given.”

John Ayres, MD
Coastal Orthopedics
Volunteer Since 2007

“As a specialist in Manatee County, I’m proud to support We Care Manatee. I consider taking care of the truly indigent who have the misfortune of suffering illnesses an expectation of my profession. Donating a small amount of time now saves a lot of suffering later. If I can make a dramatic change in their future, that is a tangible reward for myself, and an investment in the health of our community.”

Philip Tally, MD
Neuro-Spinal Associates
Volunteer since 2000

“Volunteering at We Care Manatee has provided me with an incredible opportunity to help grateful people in our community, and the enjoyment of working with the compassionate and hardworking staff. I highly recommend donating time to bettering our community health.”

Lisa Shannon, DO
Manatee Memorial Hospital
Volunteer since 2012

“We support We Care Manatee because it is a great non-profit organization that helps the uninsured receive specialty medical services when they cannot afford to pay out of pocket. It is a way that we as a medical office can give back to our community while helping someone in need.”

Aaron Sudbury, MD
Premier OB/GYN of Manatee
Volunteer since 2009

“We Care Manatee is what community service is all about. We are community physicians taking care of hard-working community members who cannot afford insurance and therefore do not have access to healthcare. The only question is, why would you not want to help such a wonderful organization?”

William Soscia, MD
Center For Sight
Volunteer since 2002

“Supporting community efforts has been the most rewarding way for me to practice medicine. Either doing it directly or indirectly, getting involved or teaming up with other providers through We Care Manatee. We all can make access to healthcare for the needy so much better. We Care Manatee is a terrific organization to work with. The main reason to support We Care Manatee is the concept of social responsibility that we all have as part of the community.”

Federico Frias, MD
APC Pediatrics
Volunteer since 2009

“We Care Manatee is an important resource because it fills the gap for the working poor who wouldn’t otherwise have access to quality healthcare. The medical community desires to give back to society, and as a specialist I am able to help the less fortunate in an organized method through We Care Manatee. Patients are supremely grateful for the care they receive, and I feel fortunate to be part of an organization that has been making a difference in Manatee County since 1999.”

Tom Morrish, MD
Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Manatee
Volunteer since 1999

“I participate with We Care Manatee because it is a great way for me to give back to my community.”

Peter Mattina, MD
Volunteer since 1999

“I am enjoying the opportunity to give back through We Care Manatee. Helping the indigent and teaching medical students at the same time is very gratifying and heartwarming!”

George Gallati, MD, Retired
Volunteer since 2010

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