From the Executive Director

As we celebrate another Mother’s Day and Women’s Health Month in May, I am reminded of the importance of addressing women’s health issues for those who have limited access to healthcare.  We Care Manatee with its partners, Bowes Imaging Centers and Manatee Diagnostic Centers provides access to free screening mammograms and other breast cancer diagnostic testing to low income, uninsured women in Manatee County…. 

Breast Cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women.  Yet the five-year survival rate is very high if the cancer is caught early.  We Care Manatee is committed to helping Manatee County women gain access to the screening and testing they need to obtain the best possible outcome when it comes to breast health.

We Care Manatee sponsored our first Breast Health event of the year on May 5th.  Our next event is being planned for the summer.  Women need only be an uninsured Manatee County resident and have a physician’s order for a screening mammogram to qualify for one of these events.  Our staff can help you find a doctor if you do not have one.  

Looking Forward….

As the community takes advantage of available vaccines and we get back to a more normal life routine, We Care Manatee is planning our annual Fundraiser for early 2022.  We hope that it will be a great way for us to reconnect with our sponsors and supporters.  I will keep you posted on the details.

Finally, I encourage you and your family to stay vigilant. Please continue to practice safe habits to keep families safe and healthy.  These include simple things like washing hands when you arrive at work or at home and wearing a mask while inside. We are on our way to recovery, but we should not forget the risk the virus poses if we do not stay committed to good healthy habits.