We Care Manatee

Helping uninsured Manatee County residents connect to the healthcare they need.

Connecting low-income, uninsured residents with volunteer physicians.

We Care Manatee connects low-income, uninsured adult residents of Manatee County, FL with free, quality medical care and resources.

By providing a private sector solution to serving and treating the uninsured, We Care Manatee reduces the red tape, improves communication, and ensures that both the physician and the patient receive the support they need to complete a plan of care.

Patients receive the treatment they need to keep them healthy, out of local emergency rooms and on the job!

How We Help

From A Patients Perspective

My illness has been a humbling experience, but at We Care I never felt badly because I couldn’t pay. I also know that I got the same quality of care that I would have if I could pay. I guess that’s the whole point behind what We Care is doing.
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How It Works

See your primary care.

Your doctor sends us a referral for the specialist you need to see. Records are required that tell us why you need specialty care.

You bring us proof of income, proof that you live in Manatee County and a valid picture ID.

We contact one of our volunteer specialists who will schedule an appointment to provide you care.

Care Provided During 2019-2020

Referrals for care received
Referrals for Breast Health
Referrals for Specialists
Million dollars in free care provided during the last fiscal year
$ 0

For Physicians

Become a Volunteer Provider

Our funding comes from grants and generous donations provided by people like you. Support our mission to facilitate free medical care to low-income uninsured residents of Manatee County, FL.

We Care Manatee, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization (Tax ID 59-3606103). Donations are tax deductible. For final determination please consult with your tax preparer.

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