Our Mission

To facilitate free medical care to low-income, uninsured residents of Manatee County, Florida.

We Care Manatee operates five distinct programs:

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Quick Facts

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Who We Serve?

We Care Manatee works to provide free, comprehensive healthcare for eligible uninsured Manatee County patients looking for assistance finding a doctor.  We connect our network of volunteer physicians with patients who need medical help, but cannot afford it on their own.  

There are five programs what work together to make this possible:

We Care Manatee provides an invaluable service to both the patients and the community through our unique program.  Patients receive the critical treatment they need to keep them healthy and out of local emergency rooms.  We Care Manatee provides a cost effective, private sector solution to our community’s uninsured healthcare needs by connecting the uninsured with volunteer physicians willing to treat them.


We Make it Easy

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We Make it Easy

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We Make it Easy

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